Friday, 30 July 2010

Graduation Dinner at Malmaison

Gilbert Scott Building University of Glasgow

Well.. This dinner actually took place quite sometime ago and I've forgotten what the names of these dishes are. In fact, the menu has probably changed abit except for the desserts which still seem to be on. Anyway the desserts were the star of the dinner that night. I can't tell you the name of this salad but just looking at it, I can make out some watercrest, spinach and some sort of cure hamed?

Roasted pork belly with mustard mash. Pretty ordinary actually. It was like sio bah.

I had a fish cake that evening which did not impress me at all... sadly.... I had high expectations for Malmaison after my first visit and I was starting to wonder if it has got anything to do with ordering a set menu rather than from the ala carte menu itself.

Ok... something better now... a nice chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Gorgeus.

Ever heard of an artic roll? Not me but I am sure I've seen a similar creation in the past but didn't know what's it called. This version had basil ice cream rolled up with strawberry jam and a vanilla sponge. intriguing flavours from the basil that. I could get used to that lol..

Malmaison Glasgow
278 West George St
Glasgow G2 4LL
Tel: 0141 572 1002

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