Friday, 9 July 2010

Eastern Europe Eastern Delights Tour 1: Prague

The reason I was away was because the whole family had gone to tour Eastern Europe. Hey... Sounds like a great opportunity for a fantastic food tasting trip of the various East European delights eh.....

Scenic Prague

St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus... Not dancing here I am afraid

Narodni Muzeum, The National Museum

Saint Venceslao

Narodni Divadlo, The National Theatre

Obecni Dum, The Municipal House

Hmm... It din turn out to be a European food feast as much as I had hoped for it to be. We went with a tour agency that opted to go for a menu that composed of 60% Chinese food and 40% European food. Not much that I can complain about since we were limited with traveling dates and this was the only package available.

In which case, I'll just have to make the most out of it. Would be interesting to see what Chinese food is like in other European countries rite? . C'mon u must have been tempted to try Macdonald's outside of your own country too yea?

Seaweed Soup which I was totally sick of by the end of the trip

Chicken with Soy sauce

Chinese style fish and chips? LOL

Karluv Most, Charles Bridge

Sausages are quite popular here.

Taking me some time to get these post up. Hopefully they will start streaming in steadily as I plow through tonnes of photos from The Europe trip, The UK trip, Graduation and The Local delights I have been trying to load up on before I head back to Glasgow.

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