Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mussel Inn, Glasgow

After almost 14 days of traveling, I can gladly say we've finally reached Glasgow. There's so many places to bring my parents and sister to that I am not sure where would be the best. Again, I try and take into consideration taste preference and budget. My family's quite big on seafood but not in the typical Singaporean way... (story for another day)..

Mussel in sprang to my mind in terms of taste and cost wise. They actually do quite good lunch deals. I am glad to say that the food was much more pleasant this time compared to my previous visit.

Nice sunny summer weather lighting up the interior.

Those of you who has been here will know the bread is absolutely amazing. The crust is very crunchy and super fragrant whilst the interior is so soft and "fluffyyy I am going to die......."

Mum decided to have a small meal...and ordered the queen size scallops... Literally small.. like 20 pence small hahaha..If you wanna have bigger ones, you'll have to fork out 3 pounds per piece for the giant king size scallops

Seafood pasta.. Uberr yummy. and damm worthwhile for the portion. think it was about 16 quid but really damm shuang.. its a nice main to share.

Finally the main star... Well... enough said... its good and if u like the ones in Singapore. You'll love the ones here.

Bring your friends here!!!..

Mussel Inn
157 Hope Street
Glasgow G2 2UQ
0141 572 1405

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briony said...

Your blog and your photos are excellent! I love your work, keep it up



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