Friday, 30 September 2011

Crabshakk: A seafood showcase

Crabshakk and I met when I was still a student. It was love at first sight and taste. A combination of modern chic designs coupled with its rustic fisherman decorations left me hungry for what it was going to offer.

2 years down the "fishing"line, my heart still goes on ..... -__-""

~ rite... enough of my post nights gibberish ~

Truth be told, I really enjoy every experience that I have been here and I say this again, I'll choose it my first choice to showcase the seafood of Scotland in the Westend.

Unlike poultry/meat restaurants, seafood restaurants tend to rely on the catch of the day to decide what's on the menu. Unpredictable but that's the charm that it brings.

The "spoofs" aka razor clams turn out wonderfully flavoursome. I have been eating this the chinese style with soy, sesame oil and garlic. What I din't realise until now was that bacon made a great pair with the razor. *or issit everything just taste nice with bacon hmm.

I've had plenty of tuna and sardine sandwichs but the novelty of this upscale fish sandwich really turned me on. Chunky sweet white fish, smoked makeral and did i see crab meat as well .. It packed a load of species in there. The only let down was that it was too big to fit into one bite. PLUS. the use of toast was a double edge sword. On one hand, it helped prevent the sandwich from being too soggy but then it made it extra difficult to bite through without making all your fillings fall out of it.

These scallops were huge and very very very expensive but worth every single penny. Again I see the neat bacon trick used to enhance the flavour of the scallops.

Can't imagine a seafood restaurant not being able to make a decent fish supper. Afterall, a good one relies on the owner's ability to source a good supply of fresh good quality.
This got C's 2 thumbs and 2 toes up.
The chips were outstanding. Maybe they were awesomely fried in goose fat mmmhmms..

So are you ready to crabshakk???

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