Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Pasta alla Carbonara

For a dish whose origins are obscure with some saying that it was a dish cooked for the Coal miners of Italy, I am half certain that most of us associate it as a dish consisting of bacon and grated cheese simmered in a cream based sauce.

If pasta bolognaise was the black version of chai tau kway, this must be the white version.

If the cream based carbonara was the soup version of mee pok , my version would be mee pok tar.

My dear UK friends, are you lost? I'm sorry if I have confused you but this 8 month abstinence has started me comparing the local delights with my home favourites.

To be accurate, when I mean dry I do mean the egg sauce version which consists of no cream. My rationale is that the cream will overshadow the aromatic flavours of the charred bacon and freshly grated cheese.


1 packet of streaky smoked bacon
100g gram (half a triangular block) of grated parmesean / grana padano
8 close cap mushrooms
4-5 cloves of garlic
3 eggs
500g pasta (my current favourite is de cecco)

1. Mix grated cheese with 3 whisked eggs. What you want is a thick gooey mixture
2. Bring to a boil 1L of salted water. Throw in the pasta
3. Start cooking the rest of the pasta once its in the pot.
4. Stir fry garlic, bacon until charred and then throw in mushrooms.
5. Drain pasta after cooking it as per the recommended cooking time minus 1 min
6. Throw it into the pan of bacon and mushroom. Stir through once.
7. Turn off the heat. Pour in the egg cheese mixture onto the pasta, avoiding the pan. Stir it through and let the heat from the pasta cook it just enough before it coagulates.
8. Finish off with more grated cheese and pepper. the Salt from the cheese and bacon should be enough to make savoury .

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