Monday, 2 January 2012

Merry Xmas - One Final Time?


Merry Christmasss !!!!..
Time of the year where my flatmate cooks and I stuff myself into a big fat pig.
WIne sponsered by the 2 couples. lol.


A hunky chunky piece of Beef from Whole Foods. A whooping 70 quid ```!!!! O _ O !!!!!
We wanted to char the entire beef with a blow torch but look at how pathetic our torch was lol.
We tried. At least the flames provided for some great photo taking.


Check it out !!!!


TurDucKen Roast from M & S. Chicken covered by Duck covered by Turkey . Get it?


All the trimmings !!!

Who knows where I will be next year. Whereever it is. It will all be good.

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