Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fukuichi Dining @ Triple One Summerset

I rant alot about not getting good quality Japanese food in Glasgow but its TRUEEEEE.
and it dosen't help when I gorge myself with Jap food when I come back home.
No sushi Teh this time.

We decided to rev up the standards and landed up in Fukuichi. From what I can see on their webpage, there's lots of press review on their use of premium quality sashimi.
KC said that it was located at 311, behind 313 shopping centre.... -__- dont be a kuku like me and take it for real. Fukuichi is located at Triple One Summerset which is indeed behind 313


A familiar starter of spider roll, where the umami flavours of deep fried soft shell crab and simply addictive japanese mayo sets you whetting for more


Tempura is always nice. I just wished I brought my own giant prawns. I'll pay for shelling if there's such a thing.


A simple yet sophisticated order of soba noodles ordered by the pilot who might be turning to selling beancurd very soon. lol


There were so many other items that I would have love to try but honestly there were better ways to splurge my CNY angpow money.
Eventually, I settled on the beef hotpot. I paid S$28 for this . Wasnt even sure whats the market rate but when i saw the marbling on the beef, I din care a damm.
The meat was so delicate it was almost friable, too much marbling ?
My pot was filled with so much vegetables that I had to chow down some of it before I could indulge in my sweet sweet beef. and ooo it was GOOODDDD.....!!!


Raw sashimi with rice anyone?

Great place for Jap food and certainly in a great location away from the crowd.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
TripleOne Somerset #02-11/12
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
Tel 6271 5586 / 6472 8269

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