Saturday, 28 January 2012

Company Lunch @ TMCC

Technically, my Dad's company. I was just there to free Load.


Prosperity Yu Sheng. I don't like this dish as a child. Honestly, raw veggies wasnt my thing when i was young. I can be thankful for the salad eating culture in UK for getting me interested in this very auspicious and luck bringing dish that folks pay too much for sometimes.


龍飛鳳舞. Deep fried chicken in Thai Style. Better than the one from CHina BLUE !!! ...
I couldn't figure out what the yellow bits were. They certainly were very tangy. Could be shredded preserved mangos .


年年有余. Hongkong style Garoupa. You got to love these Chinese descriptions. An this case, an abundance of excess year after year
The fish was pretty plump and tasty with the sauceeeee.


嘻哈大笑 . Poached Live prawns. Fresh and crunchy back lacking in the crustacean taste.
Still... I ate 6 pieces hahaa.


Braised EE Fu noodles. Reminds me of my flatmates who love this noodle dish so much. I don't think they missed much cos the version cooked by the cantonese restaurant with dried scallop is so much more tasty.

Who could forget this famous menu....

Garden View Restaurant
Tanah Merah Country Club
25 Changi Coastal Road
Singapore 499803
Tel: 6542 3040

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Jacqueline said...

I love the look of that salad. Hope to see you at the relaunch on the 29th :)


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