Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012 !!!!


Happy Happy New Year everyone... !!!! HOpe everyone has had a great start to the year. It was Especially fun for me when you have a drunkard ringing the door bell at 4am on 1st of Jan. I don know why I thought it was the postman with my package. Clearly no one does delivery on 1st Jan.

New Year's normally my time to cook and I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out some recipes inspired by Gordon , Nigella and Jamie


Salmon seems to be going at half price every Christmas. Naturally it was the perfect excuse to splurge and make a SAlmon en croute. I bought 2 arm length slabs of salmon, buttered them generously with herb butter. Layered on some pre-sauteed spinach and mushroom. Salt and peppered them and made a sandwich out of it.


Got some puff pastry as well and very gently wrapped it up into this fish looking like parcel. Do you like the 2012?


Egg painted the whole thing and popped it into the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. My parcel was 1.5 inches thick at its maximum and cooked perfectly without burning the puff pastry. The dough was strangely burnt resistant and baked to a nice golden brown.


I picked up this orange glazed duck stuffed with mince pork and cherry from M & S. Slightly dry after baking for 2 hours but the drippings were good enough to moisten it all up again.


Coca-Cola BAked ham. I thought it would taste alot sweeter and less salty after boiling it in cola and baking it with marmalade and lots of brown sugar.
Think I shall leave the ham to Aa next year (if there's one hahhaha)


Would you like a slice?


First time making bread and butter pudding having only eaten it twice in the past.
Too Soggy !!! hahahah
Thankfully our dear friends from Edinburgh brought us some Ice cream from St Andrews. I really need to check out this place in the future. !!

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