Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lunch @ China BlUe!

Finally, I was able to find time to head down to China Blue to sample the Malaysian Cuisine there. I heard about this place from WY months ago but haven't had the chance to head to town to try it because of the my heavy schedule. All that stalling wasn't helping me as I have been hearing great reviews from my flatmates and WY. Fortunately I wasn't let down.

For a start we had the herb drink which turns out to be grass jelly lol. 1.80pds per glass. It was decent but definately overpriced la if you compare it to the standard glass in Singapore. I was hoping that there would be a refill but there wasn't....

We ordered 2 starters. The first one was a thai sauce tofu. This tasted quite good. Tofu stuffed with meat and covered in a sweet tangy thai sauce. Careful. The tofu came out piping hot.

This was good. Yong Tau FoO!!.. 6 pieces for 6.50. U can top up as well and it comes in a soup version or one drenched in bean sauce. Good stuff!!.

C had Ban Mien. Tasted quite good la..Bits of fried ikan billis and a meat sauce. Personally, I am not a huge fan of ban mien but I'll eat it if there's nothing else to eat.

I had wanton mee. The noodles were really good quality. The char siew was :( not so good.

I thought there werent going to be any wantons but turns out that the waiter had forgotten about them. These wantons were ok. Filling was a bit firm and did not have the Te Po Taste.
Overall good but rumours is probably better.

Aa had spareribs with bitter gourd and noodles. The spare ribs actually tasted really good. Very savoury and meaty in taste. The bitterness of the gourd was pretty manageable.

Overall, a very good experience and I can't wait to go back to try more dishes. The only problem is that these dishes are available during lunch.

China Blue
96 Renfield Street
Glasgow G2 1NH
0141 333 1881
Opening Times: Noon only.

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