Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dinner Treat at China Blue

Big G finally passed his driving instructor's test. After almost a year of toiling with a few upsets here and there, he's finally done it. Apparently he gets to drive a brand new ford focus every 6 months. How good is that. Yup. In celebration of the joyful news, he's invited a group of close friends to join him and his family for dinner at China Blue.

Here's a quick recap of what we had that night.

3 kinds of Roast. Only half a duck left in the restaurant that night. Good stuff

In house dumplings. Skin's a bit thick

Braised deep fried fish and tofu in a claypot. Good stuff also

Salted fish, aubergines, mince pork: Partner in crime with rice

Eggy vegetables. Nice stock

Honey pork chops. hmm haha u should know what i am going to say.

Sweet sour pork. This was suprisingly good.

Soft shell crab. The best dish that night.

A wonderful dinner... : )

China Blue
96 Renfield St
Glasgow, G2 1NH
0141 333 1881

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