Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Rice Wars I: The Rice Bowl Menace

Hi all, Sorry again for the lack of post. Been busy entertaining friends and catching up with my microscopes. This dinner was from a few days ago at See woo. Yes... again.. The cycle repeats itself.....Asia style... See woo.. china blue.... rumours..... Thats the problem when you stay in Glasgow. There is a limited amount of chinese restaurant. A point which I reiterate over and over again. Then again, I should be rejoicing in the fact that I'll be heading home this friday . WOOHOO!!..

Moving on to the food.. The complimentary soup seems to be getting better and better. This time round we have a more familliar concoction of lotus root and spare ribs. Meat was well salted and the soup was nicely bland. None of that msg nonsense.

Being able to read chinese characters is a good skill to have when eating at See woo because there's no english translation in the menu. To make things worse for my half past six chinese, the characters are in olden day writing. After managing to pronouce the dish, you need to decipher what the dish is all about. For example, there was this fantasy name to the seafood dish above but it simply turn out to be a seafood tofu hotplate. The savoury oyster sauce was nice but nothing spectacular.

The picture dosent't tell much but its basically duck coated with yam and deep fried. One of Aa's favourite dish but today it was dissapointing. The roast duck was too dry. I suspect they have over fried it or used some leftover duck.. Sigh.. it tasted so much better the last time when it was laden with oil haha.

And then the last dish. My favourite salted egg... NOT... I grew up not liking salted egg or century egg. The taste was just too strong for my infancy taste buds. However, as i grew older, tastebuds start to change and you crave for something more exciting rather than just your tomato ketchup or mayo. This dish is pretty similar to salted yolk crab in Singapore but substituted with the prawns. Good thing about this dish is the prawns were huge and reasonably fresh tasting. Downside was the small portion.

Finally, COmplimentary dessert in the form of strawberry jelly and chocolate cake. The pieces were small but sufficient to calm my hunger at the end of the meal. I think the best part of the dinner was the free bags of bread that they took from the bakery to give to us. Free of Charge!!. There were like 10 pieces of bo lo pao, coconut bread, ham and cheese bread and some other sweet bread. Not bad la.

Oh one more thing. Rice is charged by the portion now. 2 pounds for each portion and each portion is only half of what I normally eat for dinner. Sighs.... End of free flow rice days.
Aa's famous quote: " wah, 6 pounds for 3 bowls of rice. Uncle I can but 5kg of rice from your supermarket ah"

See Woo Restaurant
The Point, 29 Saracen Street,
Hamilton Hill,
Glasgow G22 5HT
+44 (0) 141 331 6105

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