Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rice Wars II: The Return of the Tong (Tub)

For a moment I thought it was going to be Revenge of the claypot but little did I know... out came the Tong!! haha. Good days of unlimited rice is back man.. Yup.. If you read the previous post, you will realise what this rice business is about. No more 2 pounds per person portions but heaps and heaps of rice and you know what... its Free of Charge... Shiok ah!

OK... we have been wanting to try this. Razor clams.. hmm.. yum yum .. These shellfish are actually produced widely in farms in Scotland and exported to countries around the world (Singapore Included) I think we paid 10.50pounds for 8 pieces which is around the same price as the ones in Singapore but we know of this place that sells 10 for 10.80.. Ah...cant wait to try it .

They tasted fresh and full of natural sweetness. The sauce that came with it was probably made from fish soya sauce but the addition of crispy garlic bits added a new dimension to it. I thought the vermicillin was a turn of initially but i soon realise that its purpose was to soak up the sauce to go along with the meat. Very clever...

Soya sauce chicken or oil chicken. Not as tender as I hoped for it to be. I think its because they took it from the super market next door and chop it up whenever this dish gets ordered. oh well.. At least the taste was there but otherwise, not a dish which I would order often unless I was craving for it like I was the other night.

X0 Sauce Pao(4) niu(2) Rou(4). well translated it means XO sauce BOOMZ beef meat.. certainly got me remembering about a certain Miss Low in Singapore. This dish.. hmm.. felt really deconstructed. It felt like eating the sauce on its own and then the meat and then the asparagus.. Nothing spectacular but at least it went well with the rice.

The good thing about this dish is probably the claypot that the tofu came out with. Taste wise... its was rather bland. The seafood tofu dish tasted better. Maybe we will try something more meaty the next time.

Lastly, miniature cakes. These are always lovely. Wished there were more. Oh .. and no free bread this time round but I don't mind as long as there s free rice lOL.

Seawoo Seafood Restaurant
The Point
29 Saracen Street
Hamilton Hill
Glasgow G22 5HT

T: +44 (0) 141 331 6105

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