Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What's Cooking ?

This table set up is always a sign that we are having some sort of porridge. Most of the time.... Fish porridge... but my mum decided to try something different that and made porridge that day... Must have gotten some inspiration from this Teochew pork porridge that we ate at a Cantonese restaurant lolol...

.... Din't manage to take nice pictures of the porridge.... it tasted pretty good.. Almost like the restaurant... The fish was an accompaniment. They probably felt left out for not being included in the porridge..

Crashing the party were some flower crabs..... These crabs are the first choice amongst the many many crabs that we choose to eat.... The whole family seem to agree that this is much sweeter than the all too common mud crab.

So..... are you a mud crab lover or a flower crab lover ??

PS: Works started and I've been extremely busy..... The photos have been piling up and up and up... Havent got time to edit them and post them.... much less finding time to have a nice meal outside.... Works starting to get better this week.. Fingers and toes cross..... I might be able to squeeze more time out to do some blogging..... I really miss... blogging....

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