Sunday, 15 August 2010

Elia Greek Restaurant

I've never tried Greek food before but when you tell me Greek food i start thinking about olives, oils, fish , yogurt, herbs and the Mediterranean. If Wiki was right then I guess my dinner tonight would be a prelude to food expedition to Greek someday . Anyhow. Thanks to Big G for suggesting this place after hearing the advert on the radio. I was looking forward to it... afterall haha it was a treat from him .

Complementary food is always a nice start. I m not a super big fan of olives but haha i was so hungry that I ate 3. My taste buds are not used to the vinegarish taste.

Σαγανάκι με μύδια // Mussels saganaki

The interesting thing about Greek dishes are that the names are quite difficult to pronounce and when u look at the Greek writings ... its looks like its coded. For example this mussel dish in a tomato sauce topped with Greek cheese... How do u pronouce 4 As in a word??? Anyhow ... quite a savoury plesant dish. Definitely see the Italian influence. PLus i like how the salty cheese cuts through the acidity of the tomato so well.

Κεφαλοτύρι // Kefalotyri

As if we din't have enough cheese from the 1st starter lol.... we decided to have another slab. This time.. Glaswegian style... Deep fried in batter lol.. Very nice indeed..

Ποικοιλία ψιτόν // Mixed grill

Eating with Big G means alot of meat. Not suprising that we had a mixed grilled platter loaded with chicken, beef, pork and lamb. This dish is nice when warm and hot and fresh... The meats still very tender then but once it starts to cool down, the dryness starts to set in. Overall a nice dish to share but I don't think I'll have it on my own.

Κλέφτικο // Kleftiko

I wanted to try something really really unique to Greece and the waiter recommended this lamb dish. According to him, the Klephts were bandits who escaped to the country side away from the Ottoman oppression in Greece. As they did not have flocks of their own, they resorted to stealing from others and had to cook their meat in sealed pits to avoid the smoke being seen. Not sure if the same style of cooking was preserved in this modern kitchen but I can reassure u this dish definitely strikes a chord with me. There was this krisp like tuber that was used as garnish. No idea wat it was but it was t"uber" yummy loL!.

This restaurant is worth a try. Hope to be back someday

Akan datang...... Soon......

Elia Greek Restaurant
24 George Square
Glasgow, G2 1EG
Tel: 0141 221 9988

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