Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wedgwood, Edinburgh.

There are good restaurants.. There are cheap restaurants...There are good and cheap, cheap but bad, bad and expensive, good but expensive restaurants. Wedge I would say is one of those approaching good and cheap . It definately wasn't michelin star price nor standard but what they delivered was certainly worth mentioning to friends and family.

KC was up for a conference which is the reason why I ended up in Edinburgh and here in this restaurant. He went for the cray fish salad.... He must be wondering why the cray fish is so small.

I've had enough of chicken liver pate so I went for the roasted vegetable salad instead. Pretty good and light. Just what I needed...

For my mains, I had a venison meatball spaghetti.

KC had salmon.... the portion was too small though....

Lastly, dessert.... hmm... i think it was tasty but the cloy of cream just puts me off a wee bit.....

Wedgewood Restaurant
267 Canongate
Edinburgh EH8 8BQ

Tel: 0131 558 8737

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