Monday, 16 August 2010

Yummy Food

Its always exciting checking out new restaurants and its even more so when u are visiting a Chinese restaurant.. The last time I reviewed a new Chinese restaurant was after Big G mentioned it to me after bringing his mom out for a mother's day dinner. So this time around when he told me about a new place near see woo, I was pretty psyched up. Together with Aa, we set off to explore this wee restaurant hidden somewhere out there in Maryhill.

The set up inside is pretty basic with enough sitting for I would say 30 people?... It was a promising start to see quite a few chinese folks siting in there having their dinners. I guess we were off to a good start.

The menu is pretty extensive but its nothing new from what you can expect from places like 4 seasons or homewok. Don't expect Malaysian / Singaporean dishes here as it is a predominantly cantonese styled restaurant. Not even sure if I would call it a restaurant given its humble settings. how about eatery?

Aa ordered his favourite bitter gourd and pork rib in black bean sauce. Although I don't share his same keenness for bitter gourd, I found the taste of the dish to be still quite palatable for me. If it was celery instead of bitter gourd, I'll probably have gobbled up the dish much more easily.

I decided to be adventurous too and went for this dish called Pork on the beach.. haha.. ya quite a cheesy name and I was utterly shocked when I saw my dish.... SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE???? My heart sank for a moment but my first mouth full changed my opinion. It wasn't your standard vinegar overloaded sauce but one that had a strong tomato flavour. Phew... The pork cutlet was certainly tender and it was interesting to note the piece of luncheon meat that came along with the dish.

There are still plenty of dishes on the menu to try and I'll come back some other day to give it a shot. Its not going to be my favourite chinese restaurant anytime but it will certainly be one of those that I consider if I ever do need to satisfy my hunger for chinese food.

Yummy Food
P.S sorry no address.. its on Possil road. and it closes at 6pm on saturdays!!!

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