Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day my Beloved Chicken Rice

Ok... this is getting boring for you guys hahaha... BUT I REALLY want to say I REAALLY REALLLY REALLY LIKE CHICKEN RICE!!!!!!.

Ironically... haha my first time eating Boon Tong Kee... It used to be so overly priced that I much prefer settling for the humble chicken rice store uncle. Not alot of difference also lor.... Sometimes even more tasty (*ok.. Singlish not lost haha)

I did like the chicken, found the rice abit dry but very fragrant and the chilli a tad too spicy for my pleasure

The rest of the dishes were pretty good. Crispy skin tofu FTW.

Can't believe I ordered S&SP haha. NO regrets. Meaty, Good amount of flour, right amount of tang and none of that Vinegarish stuff from Glasgow.. opps hahaha

Lastly, spinach with 3 eggs. Simply delicious

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