Thursday, 25 February 2010

2-35-35-35 Pizza hut delivery.

I guess only the Singaporeans will understand the 2-35-35-35 thingy and if you do you are probably damm old too becos the number's now 6-2353535. Pizzas.. don you love them . Life stories actually revolve around then. I recall my first pizza from Pizza hut was something called the singapura or the merlion which consisted of minced beef and capsicum. And then there were the teenage years where we would "chiong" (charge) at the pizza hut buffet counters. It was like die die must eat 8 slices and 2 plates of spaghetti before we go kinda bromance affairs. Oh wells, my stomach has obviously grown smaller, my tastebuds have refined in taste and i guess i am no longer growing as fast as I used to.

So fast track to UK... you get all sorts of weird and wonderful pizzas because they form quite a significant portion of a typical dinner here.

After much delibration, Aa and I decided to do the lazy thing and order in pizza for the first time. yes it was our first time ordering pizza in UK because most of the time we just get the cheapo versions from supermarket.

Decided to treat ourselves since he just had his interview and i jsut finished OSCEs (objectively structured clinical examinations) and most importanly we were in a can't be bothered mood. After half an hour we finally got our orders put through and within 30 mins.. *ding Dong!~

The one above is Aa and the one below is mine. Pretty solid eh. They were large ones 14" across. woopiE!. The only reason we went large was because we wanted stuffed crusts.

Aa ordered a custom pizza which included spicy beef, pepperoni, capsicum and anchovies. Quite a good combination actually. OH and he had proper stuffed crust.

I had the super supreme!. Onions, pepperoni, spicy beef, olives, mushroom, capsicum and .. tomato? .. Also I had the cheesy bites .

Obviously the amount of food was overkill. So i left half of it for dinner tonight.

In case you are wondering. Its buy one get one half price. so it amounted to 20.99 pounds .. Ok la for the quality that we get.

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