Friday, 25 February 2011

LIck, Tanjong Katong

I m slowly conquering all the home-made ice cream palours in Singapore. So far, I've been to Udders and Ice cream chefs. Both are good !!!..

Lp brought me to this place along Tanjong Katong Road (YES! another East venue. Easties are cool ppl.. because we eat alot of ice cream and crack lotsa cold jokes -__- ||| )

The shop is situated opposite the old TKSS along a row of many eateries. Quite difficult to notice.

There were hardly any people there on a week day afternoon at 2pm. Besides students from the nearby Chung Cheng high main and Chung Cheng high main, it was just us haha. Seeing them makes me feel old but it does bring back lotsa good playful memories of those after school days. PIty we only had macdonalds soft serve ice cream in those days and the good ol' ice kachang

Back to the ice cream, 2 scoops and a waffle for 10 dollars. Quite reasonable la. Waffle was the soggy type versus the crispy versions with a less doughy texture compared to udders.
From left to right, Watermelon flavour. REFRESHINGLY GOOD. like eating the real McCoy with more sweetness and watermelonliness. Artificial flavouring? The purple looking scoop is neither yam nor grape. It is lavender honey. Yup.. ahha its probably the closest to eating a flower hahaha. It didnt taste weird though. Quite pleasant. kinda thought I was eating a scented candle at one point haha * yes u get the idea.
Next up was chendol. I din't really manage to taste much flavour from this scoop. The dark scoop next to it is hershey's chocolate.

If you don't like waffles too sweet or if you prefer to taste more of the ice cream flavour, remind them not to drench the waffles with maple syrup when u order.

OH just to add, they do special offers as well. like on Tuesday's there s half price waffles (*copycat ? ahha) and on some other day there's free toppings and on FRIDAYS ICE CREAM BUFFET !!!!... Thnk its something like 14 dollars for free flow ice cream and waffles for 2 hours.. WAH SHUANG TO THE MAX !!!!.

Little Ice Cream Kafe
258 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6440 8526
Sun-Thur: 1pm - 11pm
Fri-Sat & PH Eve: 1pm - 12am

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