Monday, 21 February 2011

Paradise Inn, Marina Bay Link Shopping Mall

I feel like a tourist every time I return to Singapore. A testimony to the ever changing landscape of Singapore? HOw many of you know where Marina Bay LInk Shopping Mall is ?? I had one friend telling me its at Marina Bay Sands and another saying that its an extension of Raffles City Link mall. O_o ?? *Confusion much.

Unsurprisingly, I found the dinner place located somewhere near 1 Raffles Quey. 1 Raffles Quey? Familliar? no? OK.. how about Lao Pah Sat? PLease see website

The place is very new and lots of the shops are still doing opening promotions. Cafes and restaurants are plentiful with favourites like Ding Tai Fung, Toast Box and Ichiban Boshi counting among its tenants.

Ok Enough of my blabbering and on to the food.

We went to Paradise Inn, one of the many establishments under the Paradise Group of Restaurants. I was told by a fellow hamster that in the grand Hierarchy of ATASness, it is ranked lowest amongst its group's restaurants but you can be reassured that food is of a quality standards.

The selection of food is mainly of cantonese influence and looking at what was offered, there would be few that you would be unfamiliar with.

It took almost an hour before the entire crew was present for the food to be order. The 3 early birds really were Boi Ta Han ; not even the braised peanuts were sufficient to sustain us. We found our hunger answers in Kung Bah pow. Well executed with good flavours and fatty meatiness. At 2 dollars per pop its not too bad when you compare it with a hamburger. KPB anytime man.

There were quite a few artisan drinks like lemon grass and passion fruit tea, rose and lychee tea as well as apple and cucumber tea. Not too bad la but 4 dollars per glass ??? OK.. I forgot we are paying for rental space and creativity fees as well haha.

How about some special house tofu and mince meat sauce. haha Can't get more boring than this rite haha.. but old favourites always work up a good appetite so we had to order this.

Since I am in Singapore, i better eat more vegetables were its slightly cheaper than the UK. We had this 3 assorted mushroom with broccoli. The mushrooms were great, especially the texture.

MInce pork with salted egg. hmm... Ok only la... and I m sure you can get this elsewhere without paying exorbitant prices. Its quite pretty looking don't you think?

Ha Cheong Kai !!!.. I have been eating too many chicken wings since I came back. Fried grill braised boiled.. This one ... shioK!!!.. Crispy, aromatic and very juicy. ...

My favourite for the night was wasabi mayo prawns. Don't be turned off by the freakishly green sauce. It was super duper nice la. Actually we do have a similar dish wasabi sauce dish in Glasgow but instead of prawns they use red garoupa meat.

Coffee spareribs was the last item. Its not bad but I don't think i would normally order this if i were dining on my own. Rather than taste like coffee, the sauce carried fumes of coffee aroma but tasted of gooey sweetnes and marmite.

If you are in the area, take a monent to explore the urban landscape above, truly mesmerizing. Wish I had my camera equipment with me..

Paradise Inn
8A Marina Boulevard,
#B2-20 Marina Bay Link Mall
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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