Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hyang-To-GOl Korean Restaurant, Amara Hotel, Singapore

Finally! I got to eat some made in Singapore Korean cuisine. Its not going to be as authentic as the real stuff in Korea but you know its going to be good when you see local Koreans and sho nu dining here. Of course don't be fooled by the Korean looking, greet in korean waitresses as most of them are our PRC friends from U know where la.

4 of us dining means we could have more to share and I think that's the best way to enjoy Korean food. I wasn't expecting to gorge myself with lotsa tonic soup and galbi. For that, I'll have to go for Seoul Garden. (haven't been there in years)

Any respectable Korean restaurant will serve you some Banchan to start off the meal. I could count at least 9 dishes. Many of which I do not know their names but I could roughly make out what type of ingredient it was. Not meant to be filling but certainly provided something to curb our hunger.... For the kiasu folks, Yes its refillable. haha

Dokbokki , Korean Rice cakes marinated in a sweet spicy tangy sauce.

Marinated Pork Rib Bulgogi. OO yum yum yum. There were many other grades and cuts of meet. From the 2 digit to the 3 digit platters you name it, they have it. Can't wait to come back and try the 3 digit platter someday . 마시는 !!!

OK.. the plate of meat really shrunk after cooking. The waitress offered a helping hand in grilling the meat so you can concentrate on eating the other dishes. Vegetables are not included so please order them if you fancy. We weren't sure what to do with the green chilli. Unfortunately none of us were big fans of chowing down the whole thing.

Finally, A nice hearty pot of korean seafood stew. wah shiok to the max man. The prices range from S$30 to S$50 depending on what type of ingredients you prefer. The large pot was more than enough for the 4 of us.

To finish off, some complimentary red bean ice cream. Very nice very pang (fragrant).

Overall an extremely enjoyable experience with some close sec sch friends. Being set in a hotel, I had expected the standard of food to be quite high and it did meet my expectations. Somehow, my gut feeling tells me that the quality of food can be replicated elsewhere in the suburbs/heartlands at more wallet friendly prices haha. I certainly won't mind coming back here again but will probably have to psycho someone of higher financial capabilities like my lao peh to bring us hahaha.

165 Tanjong Pagar Road,
Level 2, Amara Hotel,
(S) 088539
Tel: 6220 7160

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