Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lao Bei Jing, Velocity

I am glad to say I din't go to DTF for LM XLM (p.s I m a medic and I like acronyms) this time for my little meat dumpling fix. That does not mean I m not going to eat them.. HOw can I not?

Met some friends at Lao bei Jing . Northern Chinese cuisine operated by the Tung Lok Group. Should be not bad la.

Yum Yum.. .. Based on one tray, the verdict is that the XLB here are less salty more sweet, has equal amount of soup and maybe not folded as neatly as the the DTF versions. The ginger here is also less re finely cut.

Its the side dishes which really entice me since they are all new. Here's the Bao's with a scorched bottom... OK thats not its original name.. The real name is

The guotie, jiao zi were so so only.

This is the super duper yummy Beijing Chao mien. Its super yummy la u know like those yee mee that u get at wedding banquets?. ONly this version was well salted and smoked with the wok hei flavour. And its got this delicate splash of gravy enough to make it a wet fried noodle. wah dmam good... JUST ORDER IT !!!!!

老北京食堂 Lao BeiJing

Velocity@Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683

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