Saturday, 5 November 2011

Congratulations !!!! A & C


After almost 8 years of courtship, My flatmates have finally tied the knot.
*sheds a tear of joy.
Was so glad that We all managed to make it for the wedding after a wee flight mishap at Dubai (O.D on Moet hahaha)

The wedding was held at the very nice Swiss Hotel: The Stamford where a 10 course banquet was served.


The classic cold dish comprised of a few interesting additions which I have not seen before. The salmon nigri was fresh and sweet. Char Siews an interesting one. Not commonly seen and certainly competently done. Although I much prefer it on a plate of rice haha. Salad prawn, spring rolls and crispy deep fried octopus make up the rest of the dish


I suspect my flatmates are Shark lovers although they've never mentioned it. A nice lobster soup was served rather than the controversial lobster soup. I had 2 good bowls, each with chunky bits of canadian lobster. YUm yum.


I love this... Scallops stir fried with asparagus and pine nuts. The sweet flavours of the nuts work in perfect harmony with the freshness of the scallops. Shiok!.
Ate 2 plates hahaha.


Chicken with prawn paste. Its a nice change from roasted chicken and most other chicken dishes I have had in the past.
I was suffering from lack of Singaporean food syndrome. So everything tasted exceptionally nice hahaha

Once again, I had to leave the wedding halfway to catch a flight. Din't get to finish the rest of the dishes.


C's mum made this cake all 3 layers including all the decorations.
Quite impressive eh.

: )

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