Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nobu - London Musing 3

The final post in my London trip brings us to another Michelin star restaurant in the very posh area of Park Lane. For those monopoly geeks, Park lane is the blue purple slot worth 350 pounds with hotels charging you up to 1750 pounds.

WY & I went for the Chef's tasting menu. 7 courses over 2 hours


First up was salmon tartare with cavier accompanied by a soy based sauce. Very palatable. Didn't expect the pairing of these 2 items to go so well.
However, the sauce proved to be abit too salty after a few mouth fulls.


This dish reminded me of a salad with a shallot soy dressing. Ok... nothing very wow.


I was extremely eager about the hot main dishes and when this miso cod came totally didnt disappoint.


Hot plate beef with very very salty sukiyaki. At least the flavours of the beef was good


To finish off, a plate of nigri and some rows.


Dessert was a tiramisu ice cream type dessert. Very very nice but when u serve it in a macchiato cup, its never going to be enough.

The 7th dish was a pathetic miso soup.

I am abit lost for words after sampling 2 Michelin star restaurants.
They were both good but neither blew me away.

p.s quick post. been extremely busyy .. EXTREMELY...

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