Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ian Brown - Food and Drink


Its not usual for the West Ender to venture into the South side of Glasgow in search of gourmet food. 1. There's alot more restaurants that I have yet to discover in central Glasgow and 2. there are not many restaurants in the South side. If you guys know any that I might like, please recommend.

so Aa's idea of a romantic getaway with C over the weekend (yes.. lightbulb again...) was to pay a visit to the newly opened Wholefoods Super market. If you like me enjoy watching Topchef, would know that its one of the higher end supermarkets you can splurge on.
Sorry Waitrose, someone's up the ante.

And because we were in the South side, there's a great excuse to try out one of the List's hitlist restaurant.


Looks can be deceiving and if you ask me I wouldn't think that the restaurant was helmed by the once head chef of Ubiquitous chip if you look at the restaurant front. Step inside and instantaneously, the "posh"ness of its modern interior set my stomach rumbling for what I was hoping will be a nice luncheon.


We went with the set lunch as we thought it was the most economical.
Before we even placed our orders, a very nice gesture in the form of a sweet potato basil oil veloute was presented before us.


Customary JPO breadshot haha!! Homemade bread with extremely good quality olive oil.


Aa had a smoked mackerel salad dill dressing. Good quality smoked mackerel !!! and not too heavy at all for a starter


Asparagus Custard with a garlic sippet and pea sauce. That's for me.
The custard was alittle light in flavours but the pea sauce was great.


Your humble Greg's bridie made posh in this restaurant.


For mains, Aa had a venison pie. Chunks of venison certainly made this worthwhile


C had a pan-fried mackeral with mustard sauce. She likes it !!.


And I had a stuffed chicken risotto with new potatos and vegetable spaghetti. Succulent chicken, crispy skin and a playful take on spaghetti kept me wanting for more.

+ Great classy food at great prices. Nice ambiance. Friendly staff
- South side of town makes traveling difficult for me haha.

The man himself wasn't in that afternoon but the food certainly did not fall short of his high standards.

Ian Brown Food and Drink
55 Eastwoodmains Road
Glasgow, G46 6PW
Tel: 0141 638 8422

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briony said...

thanks for the link :) I didn't find Ian Brown's as "wow" as I was expecting but it's nice to have an upmarket restaurant close by (in case of dining emergency).



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