Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thai Lemon Grass


I have been to 3 Thai restaurants in Glasgow and amongst all these, Lemon Grass ranks atop the Thai food kingdom. Don't be too quick to dismiss it off as another Thai restaurant that has modified its flavours to suit the western palette. Truth be told, there was something uniquely Thai about the food we had that night.


We started off with a nice house sampler consisting of chicken satay, fish cakes, Grilled pork neck, spring rolls and prawn cakes. All of which were impressive. The.chicken satay breast were moist and matched well with the fragrant peanut sauce. The pork neck was my favourite. So well grilled on the outside with a moist pink centre.


The thai chicken coconut soup was a little like a diluted down version of thai red curry with coconut milk. Tasty but not attention grabbing.


For mains, we had a stir fried roast duck with chilli paste. Never heard of this dish but it tasted nice. Certainly reminded me of something that I might have had in Thailand.


The thai green curry packed a good punch of spices. Just wished it was spicier. I like it atomic hot haha


Finally the star of the night was this deep fried seabass topped with a spicy mango salad. Fresh juicy chunks of meat that has been deboned by the chef for your eating convinience. If you like something tangy and sweet, you'll like this.

This was as close to Thai food that I would ever get in Glasgow and I applaud the efforts of the owners in their efforts of trying to recreate the same atmosphere in their interior designs and attention of garnishes in their food.

I paid more than what I usually would for food today but what I had was satisfying and I looked forward to a good excuse to splurge on something nice at this restaurant again.

Thai Lemongrass
24 Renfrew Street
Glasgow, G2 3BW
Phone: 0141 331 1315

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p.S : I have been relegated to doing monthly restaurant reviews with my work ahhaha. oh wells.

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