Tuesday, 24 March 2009

About Me

Jia Pui Oh was first started in Febuary 2009 but the first official post was not until 29th of March 2009. I've always had a passion for food be it eating or cooking and like many other pioneers before have decided to combine this hobby with my other interest which is photography.

One of the reasons that motivated me to start this blog was to pimp up my CV to show that I have an interest outside of my extremely busy study life. Interestingly enough the first question that they asked me was what do you actually do in Food photography?. Guess the idea paid off in the end.

I don't proclaim to be a super enthusiastic food blogger like Ieat, ChubbyHubby or a cookery expert like BeeYhin@Rasa but what I do eat and I like, I would try and blog about it.

Thanks to my mum who creates such lovely dishes for me to take pictures with. Definately takes away half the effort of trying to take a good picture

Thanks to my sis who kinda allowed me to find funding to upgrade to my new DSLR

Thanks to my dad who visits this site everyday to keep it alive

and Thanks to my dear readers for patronising this site

Enjoy the blog and Jia Pui OH!

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