Thursday, 25 March 2010

Four Seasons, Glasgow

haha. This wee shop has the posh name of many big restaurants around the world but a tiny little dining area. Then again, its the food that matters most right.!! The lady boss mentioned she opened the restaurant 6 months ago and has been frequented regularly by students from the nearby unis. Can't believe I haven't heard about it until now thanks to Big G who brought his mum there on Mother's day.

Simple Setting. Abit empty on a thursday night but there were plenty of takeaway customers

This menu brought some hope cos I definately don't want to be eating guai loh style chinese food tonight.

C's Prawn Hor Fun.. This was worth every buckeroo.. Substantial amount of wok hei horfun, and at least 8 giant prawns which tasted nice and crunchy. Just lacking in the sauce department

Aa's Bitter gourd with Pork Ribs in black bean sauce. I will say I can make this dish but this restaurant definately whips up a more tasty version. Rice is not free but they do give quite a huge portion.

I went for the bake rice since its quite unique and I've never had it here before. Deep fried POrk chop over some fried rice topped with chedder. Quite nice leh just a wee wee bit salty. I am not a big fan of baked rice but this one's not bad

Tea's not free here. We ordered a pot of jasmine but I think the lady boss gave us a free refill after seeing my huge camera LOL must think i am some journalist lol. Guess getting big cameras come with perks tooo LOL!

Four Seasons
Cambridge Street
Next to Subway Eat Fresh

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