Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ba Chor MEe Pok Tar! Mai Te Gua!

I purposely used a complex name to differentiate out this favourite Singaporean Dish from the soupy version which I hope to be eating soon.

Ba Chor referes to mince pork
Ba as in "baa baa" black sheep,
Chor = mince. "Chor"izio .
Mee = noodle. "Me" as in I.
Pok = Flat. "Po" from kungfu panda.
Tar = Dry
Mai = Don want, "MaiKE" prounced Mike with the prolounged MAI
Te = Pig. as in "the" prounced wrongly.
Gua = Liver.

In summary..... Mince pork with Flat noodles without Pig liver.

Most importantly, this dish is uniquely Singaporean. I mean how do you find such a nice dish in UK that is only 1.50 pounds, tasty, wholesome and AVAILBLE AT 2am!!!!!

Coffee Express 2000
Blk 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6
Singapore 510443

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