Saturday, 15 May 2010

Economical Pasta

I have written about Spagh BoLg Previously but this post is about recapping on the ingredients that I use. MOre importantly, how cost effective it can be !!!

Here We go!!!!

One of the best tips is to buy things in bulk when they are on offer. I recall in 1st year, Aa bought like 10 packets of spaghetti. I really thought he was crazy considering I was buying like 2 packets??..... Noob Moment.....

Buitoni 2 packets for 89p
Dolmino Sauce 2 bottles for 2.50pds
Mince Pork 2.00pds ( I prefer pork to beef. Mixing the two together is quite nice too)
4 Tomatos 50p
Mushroom 50p
Onion 20p
Bertoli Tomato Pesto 2 bottle for 2 pds
Herbs mix. (one off price of 1 pd)

Total Cost: 45p +1.25pds + 2pds + 50p + 50p + 20p + 25p = 5.15pds (round off to 6pds la ah)

All these ingredients were used to make a huge pan of sauce which allowed me to have one good meal after cooking and separate the remaining sauce into 3 portions. Each portion was good for about 150g of pasta (which I think is more than enough for the average eater. its about 2 plates for me)

Work out the math and each meal's about 1.50pd and u save time as well because all u have to do is reheat the sauce and boil the pasta

Off to bed.... Zzz...

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