Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bah CHor Mee! not your usual mee pok tah

I am still jet lag.. . and decided to make use of the early awakening to have breakfast at the market place. BCM is a childhood favourite noodle dish because my family likes it alot and used to frequent it at Blk 58 bedok south. Since then. many more stores have sprouted across the east side of singapore. i havent encountered this dish in the west before but that's because its not an area that i go to often..

Generally, I prefer this over the dry version because of the great texture of the mee gia (Mee pok child size) that is iconic of this dish and the quinessential meaty broth that has a dallop of marinated mince pork that is scalded and not boiled. Throw in some fragrant garlic chips and pork lard and you have an extremely umami noodle dish beckonning you to devour it.

BUT..... the portion is too small la.. I wish I ordered 2 bowls instead.

An An Ruo Cuo Mian
Coffeeshop at Blk 823
Tampines St 81

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