Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dinner on Chu Yi

Sounds abit silly to be going back to the same restaurant for a chinese new year dinner for the 2nd time the next day but that was what a groups of friends and I did together with WY who got ditched by his dear brother who wanted to spend time with his gf.

Well.. I din't actually mind because we ordered different stuff this time around from the special CHINESE NEW YEAR menu. Yum yum yum and they had these really interesting names which I was unable to read cos my fan ti zi recognition skills are not so qiang. Yah but here's what we had.

Deep fried Chicken Chinese style. Crispy crispy skin that with meat that was moist and succulent.

Deep fried cuttle fish with salt and pepper. So yummy. The batter had this nice sugary caramelised taste to it.

Luo Han Zai. Vege dish with a nice savoury gravy.

haha. I laughed when i saw this dish. It was like a cross between the soup dish and tofu dish we had at the sing soc dinner. Ok only la.

Ah. This tasted like the narcissus brand stewed pork. E was telling me that there was a special meaning to this dish. Something to do with the fa cai being in the palm of the hand?.. But then again this was pork shoulder so I don't really know how they are linked. Nevertheless, it was tasted. Yum yum yum

Ya and you know every year ppl say nian nian you yu .. haha For me I'll get to say tian tian you yu cos we ordered the steamed sea bass again .. lol. That fish is so popular....

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3LG

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