Friday, 26 February 2010

Asian Gourmet

So Aa and I decided to check out Asian Gourmet before C comes back since she dosen't really like the food there. Just nice WY and FM have finised work and joined us.

Mei Cai Kou rou. Blogged about this previously. Good as ever but I wished it was a bit warmer when it come came out.

Sha Bo Tofu. This turned out to be more of a tofu soup rather than the gooey claypot version from SEA. OH well, might as well since WY wanted a soup. Not bad la. Tasted abit herby

La Zi Ji. Nice but WY commented that there were too many crispy bits and too little meat . I agree

Jiao Zi. Again WY wanted this. Tasted good with the vinegar. Wasnt superb on its own. Don't expect xiao long bao because its a jiao zi.

Bo cai (spinach?). Aa and WY love this dish. I thought it was good too. Not overpowered by the garlic

Oh and we had unlimited rice at 1.50 per pax. NOT BAD RIGHT!!.. I had 3 bowls plus LOL!

Asian Gourmet
Beginning of West Prince Street
Basement Unit
(sorry no address)

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