Saturday, 6 February 2010

WY's Takeaway

Once again its the time of the year for homecook takeaway dinners. I remembered cooking last year for the final years and I guess being nice has its rewards. WY randomly offered to make some dinner on Friday. I was half expecting an ang moh dish from Jamie Oliver's cook book but was quite suprised to find rice and 3 dishes.

Included in the box were 2 well marinated soy sauce marinated chicken, some mince pork with eggplant and stir fry lettuce with oyster sauce. All of it was fantastic. Even if it tasted bad I would have said it was good but not this time. Definately worth eating again *hint *hint LOL.

My only complaint was that the rice was a bit dry lol. WY said it was V who cooked the rice but I got a text from V the next morning saying that it was actually WY.. Oh wells...

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