Monday, 15 February 2010

GUSS CNY Dinner 2010

Happy Chinese New year!!!. Welcome to the year of the Tiger. ROARRzzz... ... yup... zzzzz I am trying to avoid studying for the next hour or so while my stomach takes of the chicken in my stomach.. Its been another long day of revising. Ok .. So here's what we had for the Chinese New Year dinner organised by GUSS.

First Up, Thick seafood soup. Not bad la. Abit like sharkfin if you imagine hard enough. There were nice bits of scallop in it.

Roasted Duck. Oh this was good. Oily, juicy, fatty. Yum yum yum

Egg toufu dish. Hmm.. The toufus turned out to be quite starchy. *shakes head....

Nian Nian you yu. This really nice fish has made an appearance on the blog umpteen times.

Preserved Vegetables with stewed pork. I was slurping up my rice with the meat. I wasn't craving for it in particular but having not had some really nice chinese food during this period, I was kinda desperate

I thought this was the best dish of the night besdies the dessert. Great combination of sauted scallops with fresh broccoli

Fried beehoon with alot of oILL!.. Some chili belachan and a kalamansi will make this dish perfect.

More veg for the added healthiness.

Dessert was a plate of refreshing mango jelly. I reckon I ate 4 pieces.

Everyone enjoyed themselves especially those who were k-ing away like that was no tomorrow. Well done GUSS.

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3LG

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