Monday, 15 March 2010

Ice Cream Chefs, Siglap

I love Icecream. You Guys should know that lol Can't wait to show you my collection B and J tubs when I get back to Glasgow lOL...So... we went for icecream at Siglap after our meal in Katong.

Nice wall collage of previous customers.

Min and Tian shared a choclate and green tea ice cream. Both of them had really intense flavours . So gooood.. and the texture was thick as heavens. Solid ah!

Horlicks ice cream..... YAH RIGHT!........... Dan tricked me and I self fed myself with a spoon of it.. Seriously man.. Durian is NOT the flavour of my life hahaa

I was greedy and had 2 scoopes of fruity flavours. Watermelon ice creaM!! and Mango !!. Both had bits of fruits in it and I was most impressed by the watermelon ice cream. Really tasted like a intensely flavoured watermelon la. And the bits of juicy melon paired so well with the creamy texture of the ice cream. Well done man.

Everybody loves ice cream right?.... Get off your chair and get some right away !!.

Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Road
6446 6355
Open Weekdays 1pm-10pm
Weekends 1pm-11pm


Jade.Jing said...

I've been there! Tastebuds had a good time, :) pity it's not closer to me to go warrent going there more often but it's quite close to you ya?

~(_"_) said...

hahah yup its definately closer to me than it is to you .. YUM YUM!!


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