Friday, 11 September 2009

CrabShakk Treat

For being a driver to and from the Royal, I got a treat from YR at guess where... CrabShakk. Strangely enough, she was craving for seafood. For a girl who does not eat fish often other than fishball, I found it really odd. I was reminded by her that seafood encompassess more than just fish and there are other things like prawns and scallops and LOBSTERS!!!.. oh well... guess what, I got the perfect place for it and at 2pm in the afternoon I doubt it will be crowded.

Suprisingly, the shop was still bustling with customers but we still managed to get a nice seat.

Here's the nice clam chowder which YR agress taste better than the crab bisque. I would have loved it to be slightly thinner in texture but it still work. Actually, when I mixed the chowder with the bisque, the end result tasted quite nice.

Here's the lovely scallops that I missed out the last time. Nice big juicy succulent fresh scallops swimming in an aromatic butter sauce. Ooo..... yum yum yum. The scallops were cooked to perfection. This had to be the best dish of the day.

Next up langoutines. Ermm.. they were alright lol. I still prefer prawns at the end of the day. The meat was tasteless but at least it met the minimum requirement of tasting fresh. The garlic butter provided a good flavour to the meat but other than that I wouldn't recommend this dish. Maybe I'll try the lobster next time LOL!!!!!

Burp.... Well.. here's the remains. I do hope they don't use it to go make some more bisque ... LOL


1114 Argyle Street
Glasgow G3 8TD

0141 334 6127

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