Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Loon Fung

Last thursday of the month is the first payday and guess who's got his first pay cheque. C was on nights so it was a boys night out with Aa and WY. Went to Lung feng for a change. WY wanted some tofu dish but it so happened that they have ran out of toufu!!! So we opted for niang san bao i.e. yong tou fu . It consists aubergines, bell peppers and toufu stuffed with fish paste and then stir fry in a black bean sauce. I actually like this dish alot. The sauce from asia style probably taste better but the packed veges here had more ommphf in them .

Seafood in XO sauce. Well the seafood kinda refered to cuttlefish prawns and scallopps. I was pretty suprised by the amount of scallops they have and how they were not cheapskate at all by not overloading the plate with cuttle fish.

The last dish was beef with liang gua i.e. bitter gourd. WY wanted this. He said the bitterness added a nice taste to the beef. eermm I am not sure if I agree with him on that. Afterall I am not a bitter gourd fan but the tender (artificially tenderised) beef was enough to satisfy me.


P.s. I am back to uni now so the post are really coming in much slower. I am still taking pictures jsut that I have no time to post it.


Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow, G2 3LG

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