Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Malmaison Glasgow

It was K's 26th Birthday party on sat so we headed off to town for a really good meal. For me it was also kinda a midway celebration for completing 2 out of 4 osce days. Haha, looking back it felt like an over indulgence. The food was too good liao and I even had wine. Hopefully, the alcohol din't wipe out too many brain cells in the process. Anyway, let's dig in!!!

Here's the lady preparing the Marrbury smokehouse hot smoked salmon. INterestingly it comes from some place in Dumfries. I couldn't help laughing because that's where K is working. http://www.visitmarrbury.co.uk/

Here we go with all the salad and a nicely wrapped lemon. The acidity of this dish was perfect.

Here's WY's Donald Russel steak. It was truely amazing. I had a piece from Aa. Perfectly done to a pinkish medium and the charring effect provided that fume which accentuate each meaty goodness.

Rosemarry and balsamic glazed chicken ballontine.

k's shoulder of lamb

Roast Cod, Boulangere potato, clam and mussel broth. Wah amazing man. The fish was fresh sweet and the skin was crispy like keropok. Don't be fulled by the seemingly tastely sauce. It was well rich and complement the fish really well. The mussels provided a nice contrasting texture to the fish yet exude this seafoodish taste. So fresh yum yum .oh and that potato thingy which i thought was a fish intially was great too. Nicely salted.

Roast Cod with a tomato sauce. Sorry I can't remember the name.

hmm.. I think this was the pear and raisin strudel with pear crumble ice cream which K had.

Sticky Toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce. A scottish favourite.

Trio of chocolate. I wasnt sure what it taste like. and I don't think I agreed with the presentation. Too boring liao.

Apple Tarte Tatin, mascarpone Ice cream.

Lastly, my creme brulee. Wah solid man and the base of the bowl was sprinkled generously with vanilla seeds. shiok!. However i realise that this was too much after a while and almost gave up halfway. I suggest u share this with some one.

Overall, this was an excellent meal. One of the best that I have had in Glasgow. Highly recommend everyone to come here.

Malmaison Glasgow
278 West George St
Glasgow G2 4LL
Tel: 0141 572 1002

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