Saturday, 29 August 2009

Balmoral Bar, The Balmoral Hotel

The Balmoral Bar at the Balmoral Hotel had to be the chill out place before I headed back to Glasgow. This famous five star hotel was where JK Rowling finished the last book of the Harry Potter series but that's just one of the little trivials of its rich history that dates back to 1902 when it was first built.

Excellent service got the good impressions going. Generous portions of tibits just made me smiled wider than the royal mile. Oh.. not to mention it was refillable. We could not decide what we wanted to have and one of the waitress asked if we would like to have a sample. She brought not one but 3 shots-wine glasses to have a taster. Generousity at its best.

Here's some sky juice with a lemon wedge that has been striped to give it that touch of class. Water is free as well if you were wondering.

And the star of the night.... A chardonnary 2008. I am not going to embaress myself here by talking a whole of poetry about the wine because I obviously don't know the fine art of wine tasting, a hobby I probably will pick up later one. For now, I can say I definately like the wine. Recommended.

Balmoral Bar
The Balmoral
1 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 2EQ
Monday - Thursday : 17:00 - 01:00
Friday - Sunday : 13:00 - 01:00

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