Thursday, 21 October 2010

HOneymoon Dessert, Orchard 313

Ok... since Hnnh Bought dinner, I think I should buy dessert la ah.... It was actually closing time when we got there but the folks were willing to accommodate us.. Afterall why reject a quick money making business..

I actually had my dose of mango sago the day before but it totally miss the sweet spot for me. So here's round two of mango degustation. Somemore got offer, buy 2 mango desserts and get a mango pancake free. Shiokness.

From top down, HnnH's red bean hot soup.. Personally, I avoid hot desserts unless I m in an air con environment and I know that the dessert is highly recommended. Instead I went for the mango offer. Below the red bean soup is mango sago soup. haha Pretty standard I ll give it a B+ grade. Good but not impressionable.

And below that is the mango soup with beancurd. I can't remember the exact name but its beancurd douse with mango soup. OK la... new concept and it paired well.. At least it wasnt durian haha.

The winner is this mango pancake.. Wah super yummy, especially the skin.. I bet its simple to make but yet it tasted so nice. I could have eaten like 5 of these la. Very light and full of mango flavour. It looks almost like art don't you think.

Well.. if there's only one thing you can try. I highly recommend this.

HOneyMoon Dessert

313 Orchard Road
04-20 313@Somerset

Singapore 238895

Tel: 65090027

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