Monday, 11 October 2010

Tropeiro, Brazillian BBQ

I had one of the best meals in Glasgow in the longest time on Saturday. Aa found this Brazillian restaurant in one of the Glasgow food and drink magazine. The best part was was a BUFFET!!!! Wooo HOO!!!!

Turns out that this was a going to be a Churrasco buffet.... YUM YUM YUM..... Gotta love the meat!!.. At a price of 21 ++ pounds I think its a pretty awesome deal. Its about that price in Singapore as well... Besides.. unlimited grilled meat ?? hello??? where else in Glasgow can you find that..

Alrite here we go.

After a short explanation of what the green (feed me feed me) and red (stop,,.... I am exploding) cards mean, we were whisked off to the salad bar where there were at least 15 different cold and hot accompaniments to go with the BBQ meat. My fav were the marinated mushrooms, chilli potatos and the kick ass chilli sauce (tasted like nasi ayam chilli).

I din't want to overload my plate with carbs and veggies before my mains but I just couldn't resist trying a little bit of everything, sans the beet root.. YUCKS...

We were seated in front of the roasting pit where you will find the different varieties of meat slowly being rotated mechanically. I think one of the perks of seating so close is that the server sees you first and tends to offer you the meat before heading to the other dinners.

Here's our amigo !!! Meat anybody?

Look at that !!... I 'm drooling again.... NIce pinkish on the inside and aromatically charred on the outside . It may seem a little well done on the peripheries (LOL) but the meat was delicately soft .. Ooo yum yum!!

Here's my plate after the salad round... That sausage wasn't particularly nice. Reminded me too much of the sausages in hospital

Ribs !!! ... Lovely.... DOn't expect BBQ sauce. I think this was a simple marinate of salt and sugar. It sure was lovely though.. I was lucky my meat wasn't that tough..

All that meat sure made us thirsty... I don't think I was going to have just Scottish tap or the standard soft drinks.. And because I was the Ah mat of the day... I couldn't drink that much..

Fret not... Check out this Brazillian soft drink. Apparently produced only in Portugal, Brazil and Japan??.. 2nd best selling drink after Coca Cola too in Brazil. Its defiantely got a unique taste. Closely resembles the ZHONG GUO PING GUO SHUI LOLOL

For those who like their Booze. There's the Caparinha. A concoction of lime juice, sugar, sugar cane alcohol and ice all in a classic glass. Very refreshing. Almost like a mojito without the mint. You can even give it a shot of melon, strawberry or if you are adventurous BANANA.....

They were really generous with their meat. It just kept coming. This piece of chilli chicken was superb. The skin was crispy and the meat was super succulent. Wished I had another piece.

We also had roasted pork, lamb, different cuts of beef including rib, sirloin and hump (i think). The most unusual selection was chicken heart. Tasted well.. like a rubbery piece of meat.. Was half expecting it to taste like liver.

Moving on desserts. First up a citrus cheese cake. Its the soft version. Good but not mind blowing.

This passion fruit moose or moo see lol was simply excellent. The moose was well infused with the flavour of passion haha. So simple yet so yummy

I had the symphony of chocolate. well... Very uninspiring actually.. Rather dissapointing.

I must say everyone on the table felt their expectations were met. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who are hungry to go check it out. PARKING is widely available as well on a weekend night.

Yup... I had my fill.... *BURP

363 Argyle Street
Glasgow, G2 8
0141 222 2102

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I arrived about 8 that day. Plenty of spaces on James Watt Street.
Better luck next time perhaps?,-95.677068&sspn=41.632176,107.138672&ie=UTF8&hq=tropeiro&hnear=Glasgow,+City+of+Glasgow,+United+Kingdom&ll=55.858596,-4.263318&spn=0.001806,0.006539&t=h&z=18&iwloc=A


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