Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sarang, Heartbeat of Seoul

Korean food... yeah... there use to be a time where it was for the rich until seoul Garden came along and started the ecomomical BBQ concept. The scene has moved on and so have I from the table BBQ people. More and more korean restaurants are popping up just like the many many K-pop bands around nowadays.

Having not been to korean, I have no idea what authentic korean food taste like and furthermore, I hear that the taste of korean food here has been toned down to suit our taste buds. I am a person who kinda likes to go for the authentic food so it was rather odd that I wandered into Sarang but I only found out that it was modern Korean food from a razor tv video.

Anyhow I ordered the chicken bulgogi dish. I know pretty boring but it was late in the night, i was hungry and i just wanted something to satisfy myself. lolol. So .. yeah some comfort food. I had to order a rice set on top of it which came with 2 banchan.. which was really pathetic... stewed peanuts and some preserved vege (no it wasnt kimchi). sighz...

But.... we were provided with some appetisers. POPCORN?? and.... FISHBALL?? haha .. Totally Fusion. Its not ur usual popcorn. Can't tell you whether its from corn. Much harder, less crunchy and non-sugared. Fishballs... hahaha what can I say.... in a cup of soup somemore.

Yea.. it was not bad but not sure if I will be back for dinner but the lunch sets do look quite good. All in all it was made up for by the companionship and conversations.

Sarang. Heartbeat of Seoul

181 Orchard Central #07-01
Orchard Central

Singapore 298896


On a side note.... since we are on the korean track...let's have a wee chat about something else.

There used to be a time long long time ago.. well during the NS days... Used to like this group called S.H.E.

Great girl group. Started from a talent search competition. Got on to the big stage with catchy songs.. mostly about romance. They were eloquent and ubber quirky. Extremely eloquent and I think they have ventured into acting as well..

I Used to collect magazine covers of them and displayed them all over my office desk. Totally out of place but haha it sure striked up some humour... I even brought it over to Glasgow and had it on my wall for a year haha.. ... hahaha Totally uncool hahaahaha so my female peers say.

But hey.. I admire them then...

More recently,

S.N.S.D. : Girls Generation.

Haha.. if you can't fight the wave of Korean culture, you might as well explore and see what the craze is all about..

Somehow, this group stands out for me in many ways that S.H.E did.... like their singing, hosting skills and the Korean language

haha best of all...

3 x the number of the members... WooTs*


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