Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jamie's Italian

Remember Jamie? Been wanting to try it for months. Finally.... a free afternoon... and at 1pm.. Frd and I made the long awaited trip.

A portion of calamari to share.. Very yummy... freshness preserved. salted perfectly . if only the portion was bigger... (seafood is always good on friday !!!! )

Frd's prawn linguini.. Which .... didn't achieved a perfect al dante.. it was a little crunchy and over cooked in some parts.. really odd. Frd had to return it.. At least the sauce was nice. Great freshy tomato taste.

I tried the squid ink angel hair pasta with scallops. Scallops were nice.. pasted tasted nice but i realise I m not too keen on the angel hair concept. Reminded me too much of bee hoon (rice vermicillin). it was great for mopping up the seafood broth though..

In conclusion.... sadly... Jamie was a disappointment... After all that hype, there have been quite a mixed reaction amongst the crowd... For one... the pasta selection didn't blow me off my feet. Being a branded Italian restaurant you have to wait for a long time outside because they don't accept reservations. I was fortunate that i went at the right time. Thirdly, it was rather pricey for the portion of food that you get..

So was there any thing good? well... the waiters were really friendly and full of assistance. The noise level is about right for a nice conversation. The ambiance and deco was rather exquisite.

Would I go again? well... only if I went with a friend who wanted to experience eating in a Jamie Oliver kitchen. I don't think I will be bringing someone there for a nice Italian meal anytime soon.

Jamie's Italian
1 George Sq
Glasgow, G2 1
(0141) 404 2690

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