Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Wedding 231010 : Gv & Lm

231010 was a very special day for a couple of my college friends who finally tied the knot after 10 years of knowing each other.

It was an adrenaline filled day beginning with the inescapable gate crash, tea ceremony and finishing off on a high with a splendid dinner at the Hilton.

They were both born in the year of the pig.

Oh lunch was catered from our friend's chicken rice store... What a perfect meal to have before I head back to Glasgow lol.

The couple had this brilliant idea of inviting guest to write well wishes on candy cards and sticking them on to the red ball in exchange for a chupa chup.

1st dish: Cold Dish platter

2nd Dish: Shark Fins.

3rd Dish: Hilton's Signature Herbal Chicken

4th Dish: Wasabi Prawns.. Wah I was craving for this the whole day. Deep fried prawns glazed in wasabi mayo sauce. Oommphh!

5th Dish: Cod Fish?

Sadly, I had to leave after that to catch my flight back...

Nevertheless a wonderful trip back being able to spend time with family and friends, indulge (ahem.. Over indulge) in food... and to celebrate this joyous occasion.

~~ Congratulations to the both of you !!!! ~~

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