Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thai Express, Tampines One

Its been a while since I had Thai Express. Thai food is less commonly found compared to Italian, western and Jap food in SHopping malls.

I went ahead with the beef pad thai instead of my usual seafood pad thai.. It was above average. In addition to sweet and sour pork, phad thai is one of those dishes where I find mixing savoury and sweet tastes acceptable.

Mum went for the set menu which consisted of prawn Thai fried rice, a tofu side dish and a tapioca dessert. Quantity more than quality is the buzz word for this set. $8.90 only !!

Sis has beef kway teow soup. The broth was heavily loaded with 5 spice powder. Wee bit strong for my liking. I reckon this will go well with some raw greenish herbs to mask/compliment the strong 5 spice flavour.

They still do their member's privillege card which is pretty worth while for $35 dollars. 1 one for one voucher. 1 x 10 dollar voucher for your birthday month ( i think), 1 x 15 dollar voucher (for another occasion). 10% discount and free drink for signing up for the membership.

Thai Express Bistro
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines One
Singapore 529536

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