Friday, 7 August 2009

Blackbean Sauce Chicken

My first cooked meal since coming back. The luxury of a cooking mum is unavailable at the moment so I'll have to make do with my own hands. Afterall, why did God give us hands ? (yes picking our nose is one use lol)

So... I rummaged through the sauce bag and found this packet which mum threw in. Looks simple and tasty enough to use.

Threw the rice into the cooker, chop the ingredients and within half an hour, a nice meal.

1x Lee Kum Kee sauce packet
sesame seed oil
1 packet chicken (6 drums inside approx 600g)
spring onions

Deboned the chicken and chop into pieces. Fry the onions in oil, throw in the chicken give it a good bath. Smear the sauce all over the meat and drizzle some sesame seed oil over if u like and maybe add a pince of sugar. Serve with spring onions.

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