Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Gregg's For Lunch

Hi all, back from my short hiatus. Since I worked from home on monday, I managed to finally escape the dreadfood hospital food. (still trying to take some pictures for ya all).

Let me introduce you to Greggs. There is nothing unfamilliar about this with the locals but for people outside of UK this is one of the most common lunch options.

Actually, the first time I came to Glasgow I had a Gregg's egg sandwich for lunch and I think dad had a beef sandwich or somesort. All of these on top of the little red bus whilst touring the city. To be honest, I was not so impressed then.

Having been here for 5 years, you know if you can fight it u adapt to it. This has become one of my favourite lunch options because its relatively cheap. Its healthy (minus the excess mayo they put sometimes) and its quite tasty too.

Here's a link on wiki if you want to learn more about it -->>>

Ok here's a red thai chicken bloomer (1.79 pounds) . Quite authentic thai flavour. reminds me of a creamy red thai curry but in this case "ang-moh-fied" with mayo crisp salad in between 2 slices of brown bread. There's 2 options of bread: brown and white but i like the brown one better cos there s more fibre and taste more complex. The crust is a little dry but once u get past that its fine. There are other flavours like chicken and mango, new orleans chicken and tuna crunch. Apparently, they have revamped the packaging and taste recently.

Well.. the sandwich wasn't enough so I had to add on something. Ah ha this is one of those less healthy stuff you get in Greggs. its really carb and fat loaded and only had one piece of chicken in it a wee tiny piece. Introducing..... Chicken bake... In simple terms. puff pastry with cream of chicken . POlar chicken puffs beats this hands down feat down everything down anytime.

Anyone up for Gregg's?

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