Sunday, 23 May 2010


If you pester me hard and long enough (like 3 months), I'll probably be convinced/forced to cook crab for you lol.... Nah... Actually I was meant to do this when I went back to Glasgow 9 weeks ago but just never had time to do it with all the p4p stuff and misc. appointments. Quite relieved that I finally managed to procure some crab from See Woo and whip up this famous Singaporean dish.

There were a choice of 3 crabs namely, the canadian crabs which cost 18 pounds per kilo, the wee tiny crabs with no name and no price and the English/Scottish Crabs priced at 5 pounds per kilo. No idea why the crabs were given an identity crisis but I believe these are what Wikipedia calls Edible crab or cancer pagurus. I call it brown crab because it looks brown when cooked. We eventually got 3 crabs for a total of 12 pounds 25 pence. The uncle was kind enough to chop up the crab ladies. I would have done it but I doubt Aa will be happy with the crab blood bath later lOL!.

So we got 2 sauces. Both of which from Singapore.. NO idea what they taste like but hey .. it can't be that bad rite. 2 pounds for the black pepper sauce and 5.25 sing for the prima taste chilli crab sauce. The instructions are given on the back of the package and are pretty straightforward.

Give it a good wash in cooking oil. I was waiting for the shell to turn bright red but I found out after a while that not all crabs change colour like cooked mud crabs .

Tada !!! Cooked BROWN crabs lol.

Here's the Black pepper crab. This sauce packet is very easy to use. Just fry up some onions and then the sauce and then the crab. Taste of the pepper sauce was AWESEOME!... I wasn't a fan of black pepper crab when I first tried it in SIngapore (maybe its becos they overdose on the black pepper) but this sauce packet had the right amount of pepperiness and seafood flavour. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this sauce pack for u black pepper crab lovers or any kind of seafood or meat.

Chilli Crab!!!.. The prima taste packet had more sauces to work with but if YR can do it. I am sure u can too.. I preferred the taste of the black pepper crab to this sauce. Guess its the sweetness which I din fancy. We had mantou as well to mop up the sauces.

If you ask me about the taste of the crab meat itself. I'll say..... stick to your flower crab or mud crab. This crab ain't the most sweet and needs a bit of seasoning or sauce to bring out its flavour. Maybe I'll steam it someday and give u a better perspective of its taste.

We had spicy chinese chicken wings as well..

and mee siam which was a total failz lO!L

Arms made orange cake. Lovely orange aroma from the peel.

VERY VERY GOOD chocolate cake. From Arm as well.

YR made lychee jelly.

All in all a very nice dinner...

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